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Resident Highlight

Krystal White: My Great Learning Story

Teacher Spotlight / February 10, 2022
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Check out our Resident Highlight this week! A blog written by Krystal White, as she shares her experience on being a Black female in educator and through preparation anything is possible. Krystal is apart of Cohort 6 and is currently in her second semester of the The Educator Academy Program. 

Understanding Privileged Black as a Brilliant Black EDUCATOR With Purpose, Persistent and Preparation anything is Possible

This “Great Story” is spoken with dedication and to show appreciation to my  family, especially  my mother “Joyce White” who has always guided my journey with open eyes, a vision of resilience, legacy of love, focused truth and a willingness for me to explore life with an authentic vision to take responsibility of every choice I made in life. Everyone has choices- E-40 Choices (Words of JEW) Joyce E. White. This story is to pay homage to my ancestors, black inventors, educators, and regulators, who inspired a black brilliance for tomorrow. Thank you for all your love and encouragement on every path  I have explored throughout my life. 

Knowledge is priceless, education is power, and learning only enhances our position to succeed, with poise – Krystal Camille White. 

I often ask myself HOW, how did  I get here, not on earth but HERE, back in Missouri, Kansas City- the “SHOW ME” state. Only to feel displaced from a world I once understood, lived and flourished in every aspect of my life and in the lives of the people around me. Often called a go-getter, free spirited, ambitious avatar, I found myself in an abyss of a familiar world but unknown environment. My thought process was placed as an artifact of a child learning the bible. God said “It will be and then it was.”  This  stuck, like Elmer’s glue. Today it has a way of sticking to remembering my core values that hold importance to my journey of guided truths .

The Educator Academy helped me to connect my passion and purpose of life. It allowed me to find the willingness to take control of my Black life, without letting my identities define my experiences and privileges. The privilege of being the first Black family in my suburban neighborhood with parents who provided a comfortable and secure life. I felt sheltered from the true experiences of my culture. How did I manage to live life outside of a world in which I felt like I existed, not just existed but mattered?  My perfectionism found a way to challenge my very existence. My persistence found a way to push through adversity. My empathy found a way to connect my struggles in life to the people’s lives I influenced and affected.  

I was living outside my world and although I am not Catholic, I feel like I must confess,  I may have a story untold. I lived a life that disconnected me from what was known as real life. Death became a part of my story. Ironically, I have repeated over a dozen times “Go big or GO HOME.” This was  spoken in a real voice, but at the right time, my time. A voice of perfect seasoning but a dish served on the wrong holiday. 

I left home but returned when I felt I did not have the tools to live a productive full life. Serving others was a core value that provided a vehicle for my family to give back to the community. A want of willingness to take on the world despite the reality of history and genuine understanding of humanity. My placement in the world was to support my mother as she once supported me. Despite my personal insecurities, my DNA spoke to my spirit, with a message of “Phone Home ET.” I needed to return home, before I was led to a land of NO Return” which became daunting when facing my moment of truth.

Looking for a new adventure, I started to rediscover all my strengths and interests that brought me pure joy . Through participating in various activities, I discovered my passion for educating children. I began substitute teaching at preschool. I absolutely loved it! I found my calling, my purpose to make a difference in a world in which I had started to lose a passion for living in.    

When my life became unpredictable, I became a scientist, I took control of all the possibilities in my life. I set my own vision with truly no limits. What actions needed to take place to create the life I wanted? Suggestions and observations of my natural being and behaviors only become a part of my game plan that created a willingness to enter into my greatness.

Now I am pursuing a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. I am a Black Educator in Kansas City, Missouri and Resident of the The Educator Academy Program. The mission allows me to understand how my students learn and help them to develop their own process to engage their goals and dreams. My goal is to make a positive impact on their learning journey and to provide the tools needed to succeed in life.