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The Educator Academy exists to recruitcultivatesupport, and retain diverse network of empowered and effective educators. We prepare teachers to create transformative and equitable classroom experiences for all students in the communities we serve. We fulfill our mission through several different programs including our Teacher Residency, and Teacher Fellowship. Learn more about the teachers in each of our programs below!



Teacher Fellowship: Cohort One

Cohort one is our first group of Fellows. In Year 1 of their fellowship, fellows are earning their teaching certification while working full time as a teacher. Ahead of the school year starting, fellows go through 7 weeks of summer training led by The Educator Academy to prepare them for their classrooms in the fall. This training with the cohort builds a strong foundation for the year to come. For more information on the fellowship model, check out our Fellow Program page, and apply to join cohort two of the fellowship! 

Alonda Brown Jones

Donald Washington

Jamarice Preston

Joseph Anthony

LaPorscha Vaughn

Myesha Bell

Whitney Johnson

Teacher Residency Program

The Educator Academy’s teacher residency is a one-year residency followed by a three-year teaching commitment. Teacher residents serve within a mentor teacher’s classroom at schools across the KC metro four days a week, while also attending certification and master’s level coursework 1 day and 1 evening a week. At the end of their 1st year, residents earn their certification and are then able to teach as a teacher of record. As resident graduates, participants commit to completing 3-years in a partner school of The Educator Academy while also continuing to receive coaching and professional development. Throughout their teaching commitment, The Educator Academy provides differentiated supports for resident graduates to ensure their continued development as highly effective educators in the classroom. Learn more about our Residency Program, or if you are ready to become a teacher, apply today!

Teacher Residency: Cohort Eight

Our model begins with a one year residency followed by a three year teaching commitment. Currently our Cohort eight Residents are serving as AmeriCorps member in either Kansas or Missouri within mentor teacher classrooms at schools across the KC metro 4 days a week, while also attending certification and master’s level coursework 1 day and evening a week. Learn more about the Residency Model.

Abbi Harkness

Alyssa Campbell

Bria Bynum

Gehric Milton



Jeraline Harmon


Johnae McGee


Khaleelah Johnson


MiCaila Holland


Michelle Soper


Sharday Carter


Trayvond Taylor


Teacher Residency: Cohort Seven

After completing our one year residency, members are then Graduates of The Educator Academy. As graduates, they serve as teachers of record in a partner school. Throughout their three year teaching commitment, Graduates continue to receive coaching to continue their development as highly effective educators in the classroom. Learn more about our program, or if you are ready to become a teacher, apply today!

Ashli Carter

Baleigh Jordan

Brittany Bell

Carolina Costa Candal

Catalina Velarde

Celia Bigger

Chuck Allen

Ciara Breault

Courtney Ritz

Ebonie Gotow

Eddie Ramirez

Jayme Langhorst

Jordan Harris

Kayla Williams

Lauryn Lewis

Lex Clark

Lillian Carr

Melissa Fears

Rhocia Ibok

Sharita Wright

TJ Hicks

Whitney Kinder-Lacey

Teacher Residency: Cohort Six

Members of cohort six are currently in the second year of their teaching commitment, and third year with The Educator Academy overall. Our graduates serve in various schools across the metro as teachers of record. In addition, they continue to engage in coaching and professional development through The Educator Academy programming. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on what our graduates are doing in the classroom!

A-Keyla Walker

Abby Munton

Alyssa Williams

Amanda Walker-Clark

Amber Creagh

Arden Ambrose-Winters

Ashli Irvin

Caleb Owens

Coni Mecham

Curtis Bowen

Dana Haas

Deron Washington

Derrick Walker (Duncan)

Ebony Osby

Eric Chavez

Hannah Duff

Iten Bayoumy

Jen Lazenby

Jenee Wooten

Joe Eason

Johnny Gordon

Krystal White

Maya Coen

Morgan Wiley

Naomi Griffin

Nathan McCoy

Pamela Larson

Polly Yeates

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Mundy

Steven Seals

Teresa Root

Teacher Residency: Cohort Five

Members of Cohort 5 are currently in the 3rd year of their teaching commitment, which is their 4th and final year with The Educator Academy. They continue to engage in coaching as they complete their teaching commitment in the classroom. Learn more about what coaching looks like and the impact it has through our blog. Interested in knowing more about the program? Check out our Residency Model page to learn more.

Bailey Conard

Cassidy Elwell

Chris Bowie

Ciana Riggins

Cristina Linares

Corey Naeger

Cyrene Brown

Emily Vargo

Julie Brogno

Katie Barger

Kenda Taylor

Leanna Bales

McKynzie Inscho

Naomi Wiegand

Peter Sokol

Sarah Hill

Taylor Brown

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