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Formerly the Kansas City Teacher Residency, we are now The Educator Academy. 

Teacher Preparation Program in Kansas City

Preparing Teachers. Creating an Equitable Education for All.

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How We Help

Out of all school-related factors, the quality of the teacher is the largest indicator of student achievement.

We believe that by preparing teachers to be highly effective educators who are dedicated to the students they serve, we can create an educational environment in our public schools where all students succeed.

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Quality Education for All Students

By altering the way we approach teacher preparation, we can make a difference in the education of our youth.

We recognize the long-standing prevalence of racism, anti-Blackness, and white supremacy in America and the direct impact this has had on the education profession and student access to high quality education. The Educator Academy is committed to actively and directly challenging racist, anti-Black, and white-supremacist education systems that have been created against the Black community, Indigenous peoples, and People of Color.

Our Vision

We work towards a future where every classroom is led by compassionate, highly effective, culturally and emotionally responsive educators. Partnering with school systems to build equitable communities, we aspire towards the day where all students are represented and have access to a high-quality education.


Our Mission

We recruitcultivatesupport, and retain diverse network of empowered and effective educators. We prepare teachers to create transformative and equitable classroom experiences for all students in the communities we serve.

Our Values

Making a Difference

01. Antiracism

Our work recognizes the longstanding prevalence of racism in the US. We think creatively about how to build bold, new possibilities while working  towards an equitable and high quality education for all. 


02. Community

Our work is deeply human, made possible by mutually inspiring relationships. We nurture partnerships so that the grander education system blossoms into a dynamic community. Our impact is magnified as we build relationships with integrity, trust, and transparency.

03. Excellence

Our work is anchored in our vision for the education system; it encourages us to align the impact of our actions with our intentions. Constant and conscious effort to carry out our mission will make this vision a reality. We operate responsibly and diligently so that our chances of producing consistent results increases.

04. Growth

Our work evolves by setting an intentional focus on persistent development. We recognize that perfection is the enemy of good, but courage is the ally of progress. As we pursue our mission, we celebrate and reflect on accomplishments and challenges both as opportunities for greater understanding and wisdom.

05. Love

Our work is grounded by a commitment to the holistic wellbeing of our students, teachers, families, schools, and selves. We affirm, value, and support each person in their inherent dignity and foster a culture where every person’s brilliance shines.

Residency Program Overview

From the application process through the residency year, our model is purposefully rigorous to prepare teachers for the intensity of the teaching profession.

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Our graduate-level teacher preparation program in Kansas City offers additional benefits compared to a traditional education preparation program. We accomplish this by supporting our pre-service teacher AmeriCorps members through a one-year residency in service to their future school sites. Additionally, we provide continued individualized coaching support and professional development through their first three years as a teacher of record.


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Our Impact

Our goal isn’t to just certify individuals to become educators. Rather, we focus on preparing highly effective teachers for classrooms through the best equity-driven teacher preparation program in Kansas City so that one day every child might have a quality education, no matter their circumstances.

School Partners

Hear from our teachers


“I really appreciated all the dedicated time we spent doing community building exercises to establish strong relationships as a cohort. With this foundation of trust we will be able to work more effectively together throughout our residency year…and beyond!”

Erin Nielsen, Alum

“Thank you for this opportunity … Diversity and Equity [training] was very useful. It opened me up to various cultures and visions … because of that session, I now have more lenses to view life and challenges through.”

Vincent Gunnels, cohort one

“I am so thankful, grateful, and blessed to have been able to participate in Summer Institute. I am excited and ready to be introduced to the classroom and cannot wait to exercise all that I have learned in my daily practice as a teacher … I am more prepared than I could have ever imagined and look forward to having a “loud” voice in the quality of Kansas City Education!”

Julie Magaña, cohort one

“The only teacher that gets me is [The Educator Academy resident] Mr. Dove. He really understands me. No teacher understands me like Mr. Dove {a cohort one resident}”

Student at Crossroads Academy of Kansas City

“My life took a 90 degree turn when I joined as a resident. They provided an opportunity for me to get a full-time job in the classroom. They filled a void in my life I didn’t know was there. They have supported me as a resident, a resident graduate, and now as a mentor teacher. For that, I am grateful!!! ”

Graduate of the The Educator Academy

“The Educator Academy always listens and always puts you as the resident first. The Educator Academy listens and understands and supports your own individual journey to becoming a teacher.”

Resident of The Educator Academy

“The Educator Academy allows me to develop my coaching and mentoring process. I am able to use rigorous rubrics as I work with my resident. These resources are very helpful as we challenge ourselves towards mastery. It is helpful to my school as we are able to add The Educator Academy graduates to our community and strengthen our team of classroom teachers.”

The Educator Academy Mentor Teacher

“The specific type of co-teaching/mentorship model sets it apart from a traditional route to certification. The mentorship was a big draw for me when applying because I know a lot of first year teachers miss out on that and often is the biggest component of burnout.”

Resident of The Educator Academy

[The Educator Academy is] Kansas City focused – from the schools, to the longevity of the commitment, to the people working for the company. Less focused on being a stepping zone to something else and more focused on flooding KC schools with powerful educators.”

Resident of The Educator Academy

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Whether you’re looking to become a teacher resident, a donor, a partner school, or a sponsor, we’re always excited to get in touch with people who care about KC as much as we do.

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Our city needs great educators. Become a teacher through The Educator Academy and make a difference in the lives of Kansas City area students. This one-year residency program and three-year teaching commitment is for college graduates and career changers who want to become excellent teachers and make an impact.