Teacher CErtification in Kansas city

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Teacher CErtification in Kansas city

Teacher Certification Pathways

Our mission at The Educator Academy is to cultivate and sustain empowered educators in creating equitable classroom experiences for all students. We do this through various programs including two different teaching certification pathways in Kansas City.  Both opportunities provide you experience in the classroom and certification in 1 year. They each provide their own unique learning opportunities. Read more below to find out which is the best fit for you. 


We utilize a residency + 3 model. During the residency year, residents serve in a mentor teacher’s classroom while completing certification and master’s level coursework. Following the residency year, they commit to teach for three years in a partner school.

Is this a good fit for you? 

  1. Are you a US resident (or permanent resident status) and looking to become a certified teacher?
  2. Have a Bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 GPA or higher?
  3. Ready to make a commitment to teach in KC schools?

If so, learn more about the residency program, and submit your application below!

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The fellowship moves individuals with significant experience in the classroom into a lead teacher role within a school while earning their certification in one year, and commit to teaching in a partner school for two years. 

Is this a good fit for you? 

  1. Do you have instructional experience, either as a lead teacher or support role focused on academics?
  2. Are you currently working in a K-12 (or Pre-K) classroom?
  3. Are you a US Resident (or permanent resident status) and looking to become a certified teacher?
  4. Have a bachelor’s degree?
  5. Ready to make a commitment to teach in KC schools?

If so, learn more about the fellowship program and submit your application below!

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Teacher CErtification in Kansas city

Teacher Opportunities

At the The Educator Academy, we envision a city where an equitable education is guaranteed. The Educator Academy recruits and trains teachers for Kansas City schools with the hopes of creating a network of well trained and supported teachers united in vision for equitable education for all students in Kansas City. This mission cannot be achieved without the deep commitment from our mentor teachers and support of cooperating teachers. 

Mentor Teacher Program


  1. Taught for 3+ years?
  2. Ready to develop and influence a future teacher and share your classroom with them?
  3. Interested for further professional development?
  4. Looking for a stipend to your teacher salary?

Our mentor program might be a good fit for you! Our mentors host pre-service teachers in their classroom while also receiving development themselves and a stipend. Learn more about our mentor program and then submit your application!

Apply to be a Mentor!

Cooperating Teachers


  1. 3 year minimum teaching experience; have taught at your host school for +1 year
  2. Certified in content area being taught
  3. Committed to collaborating with a fellow for entire school year
  4. Capacity and willingness to engage in consistent observation and MEES ratings with feedback and support of the fellow’s education and growth
  5. Willingness to open their room for observations by the fellows

Need to learn more? Check out information about our cooperating teacher program.

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Our staff makes our work possible. We have coaches, instructors, and operational support staff that help make our mission a reality.

Are you…

  • Dedicated to the mission and vision of our organization?
  • Looking to make your next career step in nonprofit organization?

If so, joining our staff might be a good fit for you! When there are open positions, we list the details on our careers page. Check it out to see if we have a position that fits you!

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Join us in ensuring every classroom is filled with a highly effective teacher. Whether you’re seeking teaching certification programs in Kansas City or donating to our organization, you can make a difference in the KC public education system.

For any questions or concerns, please call us at (816) 298-5660.