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Our Teacher Fellowship

The Educator Academy Teacher Fellowship

The Teacher Fellowship Model

At The Educator Academy (The EA), we envision a city where equitable education is guaranteed. Research shows us that the greatest school factor that can impact a child’s learning outcomes is the quality of their teacher. Therefore, we are focused on recruiting, preparing and developing highly effective teachers in the classroom. Through our fellowship program, fellows will play the role of lead teacher, immediately making an impact in a local classroom. Fellows are employed by the school they teach at and earn a full salary and benefits while earning their certification and completing the fellowship. Throughout the entire process, The EA provides instructional coaching to our teachers to ensure they are all growing to become highly effective in their classrooms.


Year 1: Certification Year

In Year 1 of the fellowship, fellows are earning their teaching certification while working full time as a teacher. Ahead of the school year starting, Fellows go through 7 weeks of summer training led by The Educator Academy to prepare them for their classrooms in the fall. This training with a cohort model builds a strong foundation for the year to come. Throughout the school year and the following summer, fellows will complete virtual and in-person training related to their certification. Beyond just providing certification, The Educator Academy’s coaching focuses on developing skills a teacher will need to transform their classroom into a place where students receive the education they deserve. Through coaching and testing support, The Educator Academy provides a comprehensive approach to supporting teachers. 

Year 2: Graduate Year

After earning their certification, fellow graduates continue to teach as a teacher-of-record in a partner school. Fellow graduates continue to receive instructional coaching, development and networking opportunities through The Educator Academy. During the second year, fellows focus on building a robust skill set that will push student’s academic success and emotional development forward. The Educator Academy’s coaches support them in that pursuit through classroom visits and debriefs, as well as providing resources and connections to other educators. 

The Educator Academy Teacher Fellowship

Fellowship Benefits

Expedited Runway

Many other models require a longer pathway to certification, but in our fellowship model, fellows earn their certification in 1 year, while remaining in the classroom. This timeline allows you to continue to make an impact in classrooms while also quickly earning the certification required by the state of Missouri and districts throughout the metro. In contrast to earning a Master’s of Arts in Teaching, or other certification only pathways, Educator Academy’s program is faster and more effective. 

Career Development

Our fellowship program allows you to refine your skills and widen your impact in the classroom. Through our coaching, fellows get individualized coaching and support geared towards their success in education.

Support with Certification

We aren’t just a pathway to certification–we provide hands-on support for your whole certification process. Our staff provides support and guidance throughout the certification process including testing strategies and direct instruction in content. Choosing our fellows program provides you a unique set of supports as you take the next step in your education career. 


Our model connects you with a community of like-minded professionals in education. With your cohort of fellows you will gain insight and community with teachers going through the process with you. Beyond your fellowship cohort, The Educator Academy’s network is expansive throughout the region, supporting your growth and development wherever your career takes you in education. 

Financial Support

The Educator Academy’s Fellowship model provides fellows financial support in pursuit of their certification by partnering with schools to provide a full teacher’s salary through the certification year and beyond. Most fellows receive financial incentives from their hiring district, such as deferred tuition or tuition repayment. Fellows are expected to pay tuition fees for their participation and certification (maximum of $8,000). The structure and schedule for those payments vary depending on the district employing you, but won’t exceed $4,000 a year. Exact information will be shared before beginning the program.  

Teacher Wellness Supports

In addition to our programmatic development through classroom mentorship and coaching, Educator Academy also offers well-being and sustainability supports to our members as they work towards accelerated certification including:

  • Experience Check-Ins:
  • Time and Task Management Tools
  • Teacher Support Spaces
  • Access to free and low cost mental health services


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The Educator Academy Teacher Fellowship

Benefits of Teacher Certification

If you are already in the classroom within a support position, there are many reasons you should consider becoming a certified teacher. 

Increase your impact: Expand your impact to an entire classroom. A certified teacher of record position allows you to build relationships and connections with a whole classroom while leading them through a year of growth. The certification process through EA’s Fellowship is an investment in your career and will benefit the students in your future classroom.  

Career Sustainability: We need more highly qualified individuals in classrooms with kids. All support staff provide meaningful contributions to the education system, but teacher certification comes with unique benefits including better pay and more career mobility. 

Grow your Network: Expand your connections with other like-minded educators looking to make a difference in education. By going through The EA’s Teacher Fellowship program, you’ll open a door to further connections. 

The Educator Academy Teacher Fellowship

The Educator Academy Process


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Have at least ten months of experience working in a teaching or academic support role (such as a paraprofessional)
  • Currently work in a K-12 (or Pre-K) classroom
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Stage 1: Initial Application – Applicants submit an initial application with their basic information including academic history, background experience, certification preferences, as well as one short answer question. Submit your application here!
  • Stage 2: Phone Interview – The Educator Academy conducts a 30 minute phone interview where we ask a few questions, check in about application materials, and answer any questions candidates may have. Applicants also submit three references and all unofficial transcripts.
  • Stage 3: Selection Day + Observation– Applicants attend a full day event which includes additional interviews, a group project, & the completion of a handful of independent tasks. Within a few days of this event, a coach from Educator Academy will also schedule a visit to your classroom to observe your teaching and debrief that observation.
Fellows Year
  • Attend Summer Institute and Intercession a full-time, 7-week intensive training
  • Attend courses on Wednesday evenings and once per month on a Saturday
  • Teach full time Monday – Friday as a teacher of record in a partner school
  • Participate in coaching and development opportunities
  • Take content test for Certification
Graduate Year
  • Work full time as a teacher of record within one of our partner public schools in Kansas City for 1 year after the completion of the fellowship year
  • Continue to engage in The Educator Academy coaching and development opportunities


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Which Program is right for me?

The Residency vs Fellowship 

Both of our teacher certification programs provide you support and development in your career in education. Both pathways are rigorous and accelerated, yet each has unique requirements and offerings.

Both Offer:

  • Teacher wellness support
  • High quality instructional coaching
  • Certification in 1 year
  • Access to The Educator Academy Network


The fellowship focuses on individuals with significant experience in the classroom–moving them into a lead teacher role within a school while earning their certification in 1 year. Following teacher certification, The EA continues to provide support and coaching to ensure fellow graduates are set up for success in their career. 

  • Requires instructional experience, either as a lead teacher or support role focused on academics and current role in a K-12 (or Pre-K) classroom
  • Teacher of Record year 1 in the program
  • 2-year teaching commitment

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The residency is a 1 year program followed by a 3 year teaching commitment. This gradual release model supports individuals with a wide range of experience to transition into the classroom. 

  • No background in education required
  • 1 year residency before teacher of record year
  • 3 year teaching commitment

Learn more about the Residency model.

The Educator Academy Teacher Fellowship

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