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Summer Intern Spotlight: Dayanara Jimenez

Teacher Spotlight / August 9, 2019
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“My Internship Experience With The The Educator Academy”                      Written by Dayanara Jimenez

The Educator Academy has been a partner site for the Ewing Marion Kauffman School’s summer internship program. This summer we had the pleasure of having Dayanara Jimenez, a rising sophomore at EMKS, as our summer intern. Below, Dayanara details her summer experience with The Educator Academy. 

About The Educator Academy:

       Many schools offer different internships or experiences during the summer, however, The Ewing Marion Kauffman School offered me a life-changing experience–an internship in The Educator Academy. The The Educator Academy is a program which helps develop teachers to their highest potential for students and for schools. The Educator Academy’s main mission is to recruit, prepare and develop teachers to be high quality to make an impact in Kansas City schools. My experience here at the The Educator Academy was amazing by seeing how teachers become more than what was expected, they become our family, our guidance.

        The Educator Academy prepares teachers and helps teachers grow to become even better teachers. During the summer, I saw how teachers were growing. The The Educator Academy prepared Residents by having them sample teach, do exams based on the material they are going to teach, and set goals on things they want to change. 

Why Life-Changing:

In my first day at The Educator Academy I got to see the Residents and they looked so focused and so determined. I was amazed to see them work so hard and how Leslie McTighe, Director of Curriculum and Program, taught them and guide them to do their best work. The staff at The Educator Academy are so helpful, nice, and caring, not only to me but to the Residents.  Every time I went to work, I always left happy to know that The Educator Academy really is making a change by developing impactful and strong teachers. This caused to me know that there is hope in education. I saw hope since day one, the teachers looked so determined to help students in the school in every way possible.  The The Educator Academy team is building more than a teacher but a hero, a leader to our schools. The thing I learned this summer is to be proactive in every way to change the world or an environment around us like the teachers in the The Educator Academy are going to do when they start teaching. 

How the Residency Impacted  Me:  

 One Day, the Residents were asked to conduct a slideshow on their school and what things they want to change in the school or neighborhood to help students. As I saw how the Residents work, I was amazed because I never imagined that teachers would have so many goals or passions to help us as students. When they presented their slideshow, I saw many types of goals of many dreamers who want to become better for us. All their goals had to do with students and how to help them be better and guide them to do the right thing.

That day, I saw dreaming teachers and I realized that The Educator Academy is an amazing program by creating and encouraging teachers to be there for their students. The teachers are so passionate about their goals and hopeful about the changes they can make with their students. 

 Why The Educator Academy: 

       In my experience in the The Educator Academy, I see this program as a highly impactful and proactive program that is helping teachers be high quality for students. The Residents were given a survey about their experience with The Educator Academy and some of their responses are  below: 

  • 100% said that The Educator Academy Summer Institute sessions are preparing them to be an effective teacher.   
  • 95% said that they are confident that they achieved the stated objectives for the sessions.

       In my experience here in The Educator Academy, I saw evidence of all the data above. The Educator Academy is preparing the residents to be effective teachers and to help them achieve their goals with students. The The Educator Academy is a Program that highly impacts everyone with their great mindsets, the great lessons they give and overall their big determination on making great teachers in the program. The The Educator Academy program will change the world by making great teachers.  

– Dayanara Jimenez