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Summer Series: Issue 5 – Take a Break

Educator Resources / July 16, 2020
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As a way to care for ourselves as a staff, The Educator Academy is taking off the week of July 20-24th as a summer break. As an organization we aim to strike a balance of work and life and we want to encourage and inspire you to do the same. Check out the tips below for protecting your school breaks.

It’s important to take advantage of breaks, but it can be difficult to truly step away from work. Utilize these tips below to protect your breaks.

  1. Vacation Responder: Set up an ‘away’ email to respond automatically to anyone, letting them know you’re on vacation, the dates, and the time you’ll be back.
    • Check out this link on how to set-up an automatic “out of the office” email response
    • Check out this link for an example of what to write for your out of office responder.
  2. Clean off Your Phone: Delete your work apps for the week or turn off notifications! Don’t allow the temptation of checking work related email or chats.
  3. Wrap Up Loose Ends: Schedule “wrap up time” the last day before your break! During this time, finish loose ends, and make a list of what you’ll start on upon your return.
  4. Schedule Catch-Up Time: Be realistic with how long it will take you to read through emails and catch up on left-over action items when you return from your break. Setting aside time to complete those tasks when you get back can help alleviate stress or worry you might have over your break since you know you will have time to complete those things when you return.
  5. Dive into Non-Work Related Interests: Protect your vacation time from any work related learning, thinking, or talking! Plug into other interests and hobbies completely unrelated to work! Need help thinking of things to do? Check THIS out.
  6. Know What You Want: Without a plan, a break can quickly go by and not be restful or refreshing. Take time to be intentional about what you need out of your break and what you want to do. What do you want to prioritize? Napping? Reading? A creative venture?

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