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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources for Native American Heritage Month

Educator Resources / November 15, 2021
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Native American Heritage Month Classroom Resources

So we have already talked about it being Native American Heritage Month and we honored the land that we currently live on! For our teachers, we want to discuss how to honor and highlight Heritage Month’s in the classroom. We believe that one of the greatest resources is reaching out to your community around you. Whether that is other teachers, families of students, friends, or people in your local community. Learning about other cultures can be fun and an opportunity to highlight people that you see everyday. Maybe this is a time for a student that is your class to talk about who they are and empower them to share their identity during that month.

Look for Free Resources:

Another opportunity is to look at free resources that your city might be offering during this month.

Take time outside of the classroom to attend an event and then inside the classroom, share that event and what you learned with your students.

Museums can be an amazing moment to sit and appreciate other cultures.

Even if you do not have a museum near you, all Smithsonian Museums are free and offer tons of resources online! The National Museum of the American Indian located in New York & Washington DC has an amazing collection of online resources as well. They even have a specific resource list on how to honor this month in your classroom.

Look for Podcast or books that can be used in lessons or for your own knowledge.

The Educator Academy believes it is important that we celebrate the deep cultural diversity that is the United States in order to bring awareness to voices not heard, both in and out of the classroom. While Heritage and History months highlight the melting pot that is the US, you can always take advantage of these resources whenever! If you are interested in learning more about resources see the list below in order to continue to empower voices this month and many months to come!

NAH Month Resources

The National Museum of The American Indian: Classroom Resources

Land Recognition Map

Native American Heritage Month: Digital Resources

Native American Governance Resources

Native American Heritage Month: Videos

Native American Heritage Month: Podcast