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Setting Intentions for the School Year

Summer Series: Issue 8 – Setting Intentions

Educator Resources / August 7, 2020
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As the 2020-2021 school gets underway there are many changes because of COVID-19 and the continued need for social distancing. While there are many unknowns in the school year to come, there intentional moves you can make to ensure you are able to bring your best self to the classroom. Is there an area in your work that you wish you could grow in? Setting an intention might help! Below are basic steps in setting an intention that will guide your throughout the school year.

Walk through the steps below to create your intention for the new school year! For each step an example is given to help guide you through the process of setting and carrying our your intention through the school year.


      • What it is: Setting your mind and actions towards a specific direction can be life-changing. Arrive on one word that will move the needle on your greatest stressor from last quarter.
      • What it looks like: You might choose the word Delight to focus on throughout the school year because you find yourself not engaging in joyful moments in the classroom or with your students.


      • What it is: Establishing your “why” behind the word you choose is critical to creating your goal. What happened that made you arrive at this word? Why is there a need to adjust this?
      • What it looks like: Think about what influenced you to choose this word. As with the example above, you might have chosen the word delight because you noticed that this past year you struggled to savor the joy of teaching and the fun that kids bring to your classroom. There is a need to adjust this framework so that you can sustain and enjoy this school year. Kids deserve to have a teacher who is invested and present with them. Finding joy will help you be present and show up as your best self.


      • What it is: Next set your goals. How will you stick to your intention? In what ways will you prevent, intervene, and reflect (post) on how to stay on track?
      • What it looks like: You might set a goal to keep a daily bullet journal and note 3 things that you delighted in at the end of each school day. Another goal might be to say a mantra or the word “delight” to yourself everyday as you unlock your classroom door.


      • What it is: What can you commit to doing regularly to prevent you from getting off track from your intention? Start small; think of a 5 minute activity that will focused on your intention.
      • What it looks like: Create a morning meeting ritual that incorporates joy into the classroom. Encourage your students to delight in learning and enjoy the joyful moments! Having structure in your classroom day that reminds you and your students to delight in the work will help you stay on track!


      • What it is: Your intervention is what you will do to intervene or stop whatever behavior or action is distracting you from achieving your goal/intention. List 2-3 things you will do to intervene if this happens.
      • What it looks like: If you find yourself feeling upset, annoyed, or absent from a pleasant classroom moment, you might commit to taking 3 deep breaths and saying “I am grateful for this moment. I will enjoy it and delight in this memory.”


      • What it is: If you are experiencing difficulty with your prevention and intervention techniques, it’s time to reflect on what is and isn’t working. Create a list of the things that do and don’t work from your goals. Seek advice from a credible source to reorganize your preventive intervention techniques.
      • What it looks like: If you are having trouble incorporating this into your daily rhythm seek out help. Who in your life has a strength of staying, presenting, and delighting in everyday moments? Reach out to them and ask for advice. Consider having regular check-in’s to hold yourself accountable.


Iyshia Sims joined the The Educator Academy coaching team in June of 2020. She has a background in Early Childhood Education and a passion for coaching. We are delighted to have Iyshia as a part of our team preparing teachers to be highly effective in the classroom!