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Black Educator Initiative

We need Black teachers. We want Black teachers.

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National Center for Teacher Residencies’ Black Educator Initiative

The Need for More Black Teachers


The Educator Academy knows that representation in the classroom matters. Increasing the number of Black educators that are recruited, prepared, and retained in classrooms will have a positive impact on our students, schools, and communities where The Educator Academy serves. That is why The Educator Academy is proud to partner with NCTR on the Black Educator Initiative, a national initiative with the aim of recruiting and retaining Black Educators across the country.

Benefits of the Black Educator Initiative

How this Supports Teachers

Through this partnership we provide support for Black teachers in our program including: certification assistance, emergency funds, and a scholarship for their Master’s degree. We are committed to reducing barriers to entering the education field; by assisting new teachers in their transition to the classroom we aim to retain Black teachers and therefore enhance all student outcomes. Below we outline each of these components of the initiative and the impact they have on our goal of recruiting and preparing highly effective teachers in the classroom.

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Certification Assistance

The Educator Academy knows that testing can put an undue barrier on future teachers of color. In order to ensure our Black educators are able to receive their full teaching certification, we provide support with their certification process including but not limited to tutoring, test preparation, the development of study skills, and financial assistance for testing fees. 

Emergency Funds

The Educator Academy has Resident Emergency Funds available for all residents. In addition, the  Black Educator Initiative (BEI) grant provides specific funds for our Black Educators with the goal of recruiting, preparing, and retaining Black Educators in order to amplify the impact of our students.  Residents are eligible to apply for emergency funds when they have an unexpected financial emergency or immediate need that would otherwise impede their ability to persist in the program. 

Josephine Silone Yates Scholarship

In order to reduce financial barriers for entering the program, The Educator Academy has created a  scholarship fund to help us to achieve our mission of developing and retaining highly effective teachers in Kansas City. Any The Educator Academy Resident who self-identifies as Black or African American is eligible to apply for this scholarship each semester of their Residency year. The exact scholarship amount each member receives is dependent on the number of applicants and funds available. 


The Educator Academy wants to be a safe space for Black educators within our program and to also recruit more Black educators to join our program and become a teacher within Kansas City. Through this partnership with NCTR in BEI, The Educator Academy has been able to create new connections and explore further recruitment opportunities for bringing more Black individuals to the education field in Kansas City. 

Community Connection

The Educator Academy knows the importance of teachers having a safe space to gather and find solidarity amongst one another. This is especially true to teachers of marginalized identities. Through the Black Educator Initiative, Black residents will have the opportunity to connect with Black educators in the program. 


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Join us in ensuring every classroom is filled with a highly effective teacher. Whether you’re seeking teaching certification programs in Kansas City or donating to our organization, you can make a difference in the KC public education system.

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