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AmeriCorps Great Stories

My Road to Teaching

Teacher Spotlight / December 9, 2022
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I have always dreamt of teaching. I remember holding a makeshift whiteboard and pointing to the alphabet to show my stuffed animals how we are to arrange the letters. This passion cultivated at a young age never faded and is what drove me to college to obtain a degree in teaching. Upon discovering issues with securing certification, I thought all hope was lost of becoming the teacher I dreamt of being. I met a representative from The Educator Academy (The Educator Academy) while obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. 

I was introduced to the program which helped me establish hope that I could gain certification while continuing my education further. The Educator Academy is an accelerated program that allows students to gain classroom experience while studying how to be a culturally responsive warm demander teacher. Before signing up I do want to make it clear that this program is tough but well worth it. You will spend many hours studying for classes and at the same time prepping for the next day at school. If you are not prepared, burnout can come quickly. The Educator Academy does a great job supporting you through the next 4 years of your teacher journey. 

As someone who is not from Kansas City (KC), this program gave me a deep dive into why educators have to be passionate and stay passionate about teaching in KC. Kansas City seemingly was a coincidence but now that I am here I am falling in love with it more and more every day. I’m inspired by parents in the community who are so passionate to make sure that their children are getting the best education possible even with school closures happening every day. 

If you are considering being a teacher, I recommend teaching in a community that wants to see its children and surroundings grow and thrive just as much as you do. The most rewarding thing I have seen so far has been the growth of my students. Being able to watch them develop their minds and personalities in kindergarten is astonishing.  With the help of The Educator Academy, I hope to teach for many years to come growing my mind as well as others’ every year.


If you are interested in what the residency experience looks like, check out our blog or youtube channel for more insight!