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Summer Interns

Blossoming Through Years: Lindsey Jimenez Salazar’s Final Chapter at The Educator Academy

The Educator Academy Staff / September 12, 2023
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This blog is based on a transcript from a video interview with Lindsey Jimenez Salazar. This has been formatted to fit a blog. All edits that have been made are for legibility purposes only. 


Every summer, we are privileged to welcome a fresh wave of interns to the Educator Academy, and this year was no exception. We are thrilled to introduce you to our awesome 2023 interns, Lindsey Jimenez Salazar and Mateo Riak-Yepez, who graced us with their presence this summer. As we bid them farewell and wish them all the success in their upcoming school year, let’s take a moment to learn about their journey with us. This summer, we were fortunate to have Lindsey Jimenez Salazar, a remarkable senior from Ewing Marion Kauffman School, grace our team for the third consecutive year. 

Join us as we delve into Lindsey’s unique journey and the profound impact she’s had during her time with us.


Why were you interested in The Educator Academy for an internship?

Lindsey’s interest in the Educator Academy was ignited by our mission to enhance the education system within our community, empowering teachers and promoting growth. She shared, “At first, I was interested in the Educator Academy because of their goal as a company. They continue to work to improve the education system in our community, helping our teachers become stronger.”

How would you define The Educator Academy culture?

When asked to define The Educator Academy culture, Lindsey described it as “truly just one big family.” She highlighted “Everyone in the workplace is incredibly nice and respectful. You can see the passion for education in everyone in the educator academy team.”

How have you seen yourself grow over the summer or over the time you have been an intern with us?

Lindsey’s growth over the summers has been remarkable. She shared, “I had the incredible opportunity to work with such passionate people, working with the Educator Academy over the years has significantly improved my social skills and my public speaking skills. I have also grown professionally with skills like communication, determination, creativity, and responsibility taking on several projects of my own.”

Did you feel supported throughout the internship? What was most/least helpful?

Throughout her three years with us, Lindsey consistently felt supported. She mentioned, “If I ever needed help with a project, I was always comfortable asking for help and they were always on top of it with communication.” 

What advice would you give future interns?

Lindsey’s advice for future interns resonates with the essence of learning and growth: “ask questions, asking questions can help you learn and expand your professional knowledge. Being social and putting yourself out there is definitely helpful and important to grow as a person.”

If you could change anything about your internship experience what would it be and why?

Reflecting on her journey, Lindsey shared a thought-provoking perspective: “Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything specific I would change, the only thing I could think of is just interning with someone else [another intern] in my first two years of interning. This year I interned with Mateo and it was a fun experience, and sort of mentoring him. I feel like that could’ve been an interesting experience if I had that opportunity two years prior.”

What are your upcoming goals and how can we help you meet them?

With her senior year approaching, she stated that she was open to any advice for college. Lindsey’s upcoming goals include applying for scholarships and programs that will pave the way for a smooth transition into college. “[applying] to any scholarships or program that can help improve my chances and transition into college. Some things that could be helpful would be any advice that I could receive or any tips that would make going into college smoother.”

As we bid farewell to Lindsey, we celebrate the incredible impact she’s made during her time with us. Her journey from  beginning intern now a senior intern stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, mentorship, and dedication. As she embarks on her senior year, we have no doubt that Lindsey’s unwavering passion for learning and growth will continue to shine brightly, leaving a lasting legacy within our community and beyond. 

We are immensely grateful to both Lindsey and Mateo for their contributions and dedication throughout their time with us. Their insights, enthusiasm, and commitment to growth have enriched our community and programs in countless ways. We can’t wait to see the impact they continue to make in the world of education. 

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