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Support Teachers

How to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week (when you don’t have kids)

News / May 1, 2024
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Even if you don’t have kids, or you don’t have school-aged children, teachers are vital to your community! Schools are a service to their surrounding area and, therefore, impact you! Even if your family is not directly involved with a certain school or teacher(s), the students they are preparing today, are your co-workers of tomorrow. Success in education impacts the entire community’s outlook. During Teacher Appreciation Week, there are plenty of ways to support teachers without being directly connected to them! Below are a few ideas to start with as you look to show your appreciation for teachers in your community. 


Ways to support teachers

Donate to a Teacher

One way to show support to educators is to donate directly to a teacher via platforms like DonorsChoose. On DonorsChoose, you can find classrooms and projects that match your special interests. You can even filter by city and specific school to have a direct impact on your local community. 


Support a School

Check the website or social media page of your local schools to see if they have a way for you to donate or volunteer. Schools frequently need assistance setting up/tearing down classrooms, running extracurricular events, and raising money for new projects or updates to the building. If information isn’t readily available, call a school in your area to see how you might be able to support the school directly through a donation of cash, supplies, or your time. 


Get involved with Local Education Organizations

From one-time volunteer opportunities to long-term commitments like City Year, there are many ways to volunteer your time and talents. Additionally, education organizations pool funds to make a bigger impact than one person could do alone. For example, The Educator Academy is raising money for a teacher support fund, which supports educators and teachers in training all year long. Many teachers completing their teacher certification are not paid or provided a small stipend. If a personal emergency arises, completing their teacher training can be out of the question. Newer teachers may also struggle if a financial need arises, risking their career path. Through your donation to these emergency support  funds, The Educator Academy can cover costs that might otherwise keep individuals from entering and being in the profession full-time. 


Go to school board meetings

One way to show support is to stay informed and engaged. School board meetings are open to the public and are typically posted on a district website. School boards address district budgets, calendars, policies, goals, and more. Your voice can support the educators in your district, and hold the school board accountable for enacting positive change. Attending may expose you to additional ways to support your local schools. 


Support Educators this Teacher Appreciation Week

Come alongside us in supporting today’s and tomorrow’s educators! At The Educator Academy, we offer an array of support for incoming and early teachers, spanning financial aid, emotional assistance, and curriculum resources, to support individuals at multiple stages in their profession. This Teacher Appreciation Week, we are raising money for our teacher emergency support funds. These funds serve as a safety net for teachers, so that if an emergency arises they can persist in the field. By donating, your dollars can go further than just meeting the needs of today. Your generosity can change the trajectory of their careers and the lives they touch.