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The Work of Healing

Summer Series Recap: Pursuing Healing

Educator Resources / July 1, 2022
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The Point

Summer can offer us the opportunity to pour into ourselves with intention by using tools and habits to reset. Whether you’re working lighter summer school hours with your grad school work, working a fun summer job, or you have just finished your Master’s (WOO HOO!), summer can offer a little bit of space for us to ask what we need to heal up and shore up. In the Summer Series, we will invite you to dig into and engage with your full humanity through practical tools and tips. We’ll be reflecting on our experiences with several lenses. Here are some snap shots of what’s to come:

  • Anti-racism and how that can bring us, no matter our identity, back to our best selves
  • Practical, sustainable mindfulness
  • How therapy can help us and our students
  • Reducing your mental clutter


…and more! We are looking forward to taking this time and space to encourage you to zoom up and out and get a clearer picture of your reality in order to be able to show up for yourselves, your families, and your students clearer, grounded, and rested.


The Work of Healing

Healing. It’s the most important work. This last school year came with A LOT in our pseudo post-pandemic/endemic world. Our first instinct is to avoid, speaking this narrative to ourselves: “we made it through and I never want to revisit that again!

We often want to fully disengage and escape. And we should for a bit. BUT we cannot fall into the belief that last year is just gone… because science tells us “Our Bodies Keep Score“.

Traumawhen events are bigger than your coping mechanism – was likely a culture wide experience this year. The good news is: we can heal from our experiences this last year… and years prior.




Looking for content to dive deeper into this topic? Check out these links below for further readings and a podcast related to this topic.



The Author 


About the Author: Casey Born is the Senior Member Success Advocate for The Educator Academy. In this role,  she extends support, offers resources, boosts skills, prioritizes wellness, and offers encouragement needed to thrive and to sustain a career in education. She is passionate about the need to address the whole person and is available to check-in, connect with resources, and plan for success!