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Summer Series: Issue 7 – Getting Outdoors

Educator Resources / July 30, 2020
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The steamy weather has cranked up! While it is hot and there are precautions you should take, we know there is direct connection between our wellness and going outdoors. Our intention at The Educator Academy is to support our teachers to be highly effective; when you are well, you have capacity for high effectiveness! In this issue, we will discuss outdoor opportunities around KC, the surprising benefits of getting outside, and potential steps to gear up for a new school year!



Being outside does the body good. Check out a few of the potential benefits of time spent outdoors: 

  • Strengthens your immune and nervous system by reducing stress ¹,
  • Can lower blood pressure and signals your muscles to relax  ², ,
  • Lowers stress and effects of anxiety and depression ¹
  • Boosts your bodies production of Vitamin D after only 15 minutes of safe, sun exposure ³
  • Improves sleep by syncing melatonin with the sun ³

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  • Maximize moods by taking work time outside. Even 10 minutes of sun exposure can boost moods.  Invest in class clipboards and get outdoors! 
  • Feel intense stress? Ask your team to take your planning meeting mobile with a walk around the block.
  • Spending more time online? Create a daily routine that includes outdoor time–walk before work, take your laptop outside to grade or read, or hop on the sidewalk for a brisk walk down your street!


Website: 40 Fun and Engaging Outdoor Science Projects and Activities 

Article: National Geographic’s Outdoor Classroom Tips

Pinterest: Connection’s Academy Pinterest Board for Outdoor

Podcast: The Power of Outdoor Learning

Instagram: Out Teach (Outdoor Lesson Ideas)

Community Connection Partner with Kansas City Community Gardens OR volunteer to care for your school’s garden


YOGA: Karma Tribe Yoga– Donation Based Yoga

FREE YOGAOutdoor Yoga on the lawn at the Nelson-Atkins

LOCAL CLASSES: KC YMCA is an affordable space for movement AND offers online classes (including Body Pump!)

DANCE: Want to brush up on those childhood dance classes? Dance, Fit, Flow is an adult dance studio! Or maybe you want to learn for the first time? Check out KC Ballet for all types of dance

LEAGUES: Any team you can imagine is available in KC! Kickball and softball, Volleyball, Pickleball, or Cornhole!

SUPPORT LOCALKamba Fit: Support Black business owner at this amazing Westport gym