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AmeriCorps Week Great Stories: Trayvond Taylor

Programming / March 11, 2024
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This blog has been adapted from a writing assignment by Trayvond Taylor, cohort 8 teacher resident at the Educator Academy and teacher at Brookside Charter. A staff formatted this to fit a blog, making edits solely for legibility purposes.

Welcome to AmeriCorps Week! 

During this week-long celebration, we’re thrilled to honor the dedication and achievements of our residents. This year, AmeriCorps is celebrating 30 years of unwavering commitment to millions of Americans who have chosen to serve their country and impact its communities. The EA teacher residents become AmeriCorps members during their first year of the program. Being an AmeriCorps member means they receive a living stipend, are eligible for an education award, and receive healthcare benefits.

Joining AmeriCorps can be a life-changing experience for our residents. This is a transformative experience as they build a community within our program and with other service members. “The last six months of my life since becoming an AmeriCorps member has been a life-altering experience,” Tray Taylor, cohort 8 resident, said. 

The Educator Academy’s Teacher Residency program is a comprehensive, 4-year, rigorous program designed to cultivate aspiring educators. This program facilitates the journey to becoming a certified teacher and presents an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree. Focusing on classroom readiness, our program provides support structures and fosters a sense of community among educators. Joining AmeriCorps can be a life-changing experience for our residents as they build a community within our program and outside with other service members. “The last 6 months of my life since becoming an AmeriCorps member has been a life-altering experience,” said Tray. 

How has this journey changed you?

Becoming a teacher is a process, and we understand that. Our work is deeply human, and we want to meet you where you are. We aim to provide you with all the tools you need to become a teacher and stay one. Through our partnership with AmeriCorps, our residents can access free textbooks, funds for certification, and other emergency support. When speaking about his AmeriCorps journey, Tray said, “My choice to become a teacher was not made lightly. This decision was a culmination of a process of reflection about what I wanted to do with my life and the impact I could make on children because they are the future of America.”  

One of the great things about becoming an AmeriCorps member is that you serve your community and directly tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges. Studies have proven that teachers make a difference in the classroom. When students have a teacher they can connect with, they are more successful in and out of the classroom.  “I believe that teachers, individually and collectively, cannot only change the world, but to improve it. My role as an educator in our society and my community is to help be a catalyst that creates the interest, imagination, self-confidence, and enthusiasm for further knowledge that helps a person grow beyond what they thought they ever could be,” says Tray. 

AmeriCorps Makes an Impact

AmeriCorps enrolls over 200,000 members yearly to serve in organizations and make a difference. This year, AmeriCorps is approaching and celebrating its 30th year of service. We want to celebrate with them this year and in the years to come.  “I am forever grateful and thankful that I have been allowed to serve and make a difference for the betterment of society.”

Apply for our residency become a certified teacher and serve with AmeriCorps!